Clients of Note – October

Toolworks has exceptional clients in every one of our departments. Each month we celebrate two of our most positive and active clients with our VIP of the Month award.

A member of our Janitorial Services program for many years, Garland Miller works at the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. At the Court, where Toolworks has employed a team of ten janitors for over 25 years, Garland has distinguished himself as VIP due to his reliability and dependability on the job. He maintains a perfect attendance record, rolls with any changes in procedure, and keeps up strong friendships with the rest of the staff. 

In our 10-week Janitorial Training program on Treasure Island, we recognized Carl Jones as VIP of the month as he is extremely passionate and focused on the quality of his work.

Carl is one of the 20 trainees who graduated from our program this past year and has continued to work steadily on small contracts on Treasure Island. He has made considerable improvements in the quality of his work and has also increased his speed. He adapts well to different tasks and locations and he always makes himself available on short notice. 

Congratulations to our VIPs for the month of October!