Zero Waste, Real Savings & Full Employment – Recycling is a winning formula for San Francisco

The City of San Francisco has the most ambitious recycling goal in the country – striving to become the first Zero-Waste city by the year 2020. To help meet this goal – Toolworks has partnered with Recology™ to create recyclability© – an on-site waste sorting service that maximizes your building’s recycling and composting rates.

Why should you care? Because reducing the trash that your building sends to landfills will save you thousands of dollars on your Recology bill and bring your building into full compliance with San Francisco’s mandatory recycling ordinances.

Did you know that San Francisco businesses can receive a $75 discount on their Recology™ bill?

These are real savings offered by Recology™ and the city of San Francisco to help commercial buildings reduce waste. Toolworks’ customers regularly receive discounts of $60-75 on their Recology™ bills. You can pay for the recyclability© program with these discounts and still save thousands of dollars a year on your waste removal costs!

  • You’ll receive significant savings on your Recology™ bill and bring your building into compliance with San Francisco’s strict zero-waste ordinances
  • The Bay Area enjoys reductions in greenhouse gasses, landfill usage and plastic in our waterways
  • Toolworks provides more work for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment 

Our Workforce

Toolworks’ employs over 100 workers with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Members of the recyclability© workforce have received training in customer service, workplace etiquette, and waste stream diversion. All of Toolworks’ social enterprises provide employees with a supported system of employment that is difficult to replicate in many commercial job settings. Toolworks’ employees receive extensive vocational support through programs and grants administered by our agency. This support helps them overcome barriers and become more independent and confident in their abilities. Regular employment brings greater personal satisfaction and this in-turn leads to an extremely low rate of employee turnover.

Call or email today to learn more:

Rogelio Garcia, Vice President of Social Enterprise: (415) 733.0990 

Toolworks is a nonprofit social enterprise that promotes independence, equality and personal well-being for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. More than half of our income comes from our social enterprises. This revenue helps us provide employment services, in-home support and community integration for our clients.

What people are saying

Thank you for a job well done. The building and grounds were in outstanding condition for our VIP visitors last week. Jeff, Janitorial Customer
Last minute janitorial service was no issue for Toolworks. Shanee, Property Manager
Thanks for going above and beyond! It is exactly this support from Toolworks that I’ve come to rely upon and that I am so grateful to have! Maureen, Janitorial Customer
Thanks for accommodating our needs on such short notice. Alan, Janitorial Customer