About Us

No walk-a-thons, no auctions, no mailings and no bake sales.

The power of our people powers our organization. Toolworks has functioned as a social enterprise since our inception, and we take great pride in operating as a self-supporting nonprofit agency dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. 

We don’t fundraise. There are only so many hours in a day, and Toolworks ensures that all of those hours are spent in direct service of our mission. To this end, we operate janitorial and staffing businesses which employ over 100 individuals with disabilities. We’re proud that our funding is generated primarily through this business revenue.

Toolworks is devoted to helping all people with disabilities connect with the opportunities in their community. We provide social services to over 500 individuals with disabilities every year. We offer employment services, vocational training, and the full range of support that allows individuals with disabilities to live independently.

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Guiding Principles


We are dedicated to promoting independence, equality and personal satisfaction. Read more


The diverse populations we serve have an active voice in decision making. Read more


We value individual choice and always strive for continuous improvement. Read more