Staff turnover. A thousand resumés on your desk. Tasks that never seem to get done.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you had an issue in your workplace, you only had to make one call?

Call us. We want to work with you to minimize your time spent on training, lower your staff turn-over rate, and enhance your corporate image.

We connect Bay Area employers to their most valuable resource—a reliable workforce. Toolworks provides qualified applicants with disabilities for your open positions, offers contract and staffing services, and provides on site training for employees with disabilities and their co-workers on accommodation and workplace diversity. We make it easy to lower costs, increase efficiency, and to do the right thing, all at once.

Get connected to your new workforce.


What people are saying

The leaders and support staff at Toolworks are the “best of the best”. Sandy, UCSF
We were able to carve out a role that benefited the entire department. Rob, Gap, Inc.
Toolworks just works. Lynn, Wine Valley Catering