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Donate Money

A security deposit. Clothes for an interview. A bus pass to get to work.

These are just some of the things your donation can help with.

Though we do no large-scale fund raising, we gladly accept donations from supportive individuals. These contributions allow us to assist the people we serve with things like rental deposits, emergency medical costs, work clothes, and access to services.

Donations are tax-deductible and really help the people we serve with the little things that can lead to big successes.

Interested in making a contribution?

Click here to donate through Paypal, or mail checks to:

Toolworks, Inc.
22 Battery St. Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94111

Donate Time

Teach a computer class. Be the boss in a mock interview. Photograph an event.

If you have free time, we can use it.

From people with regular availability and a desire to work with people with disabilities to people with a set number of hours and a skill to share, we gladly consider anyone who wants to help.

Interested in helping day-to-day, or have a skill to share?

Email us

Donate Items

That suit you never wear. The free toothbrush from your dentist. That alarm clock you hate.

All these items can help someone get a job.

Unemployed and homeless individuals in the Bay Area can’t always afford those little items we all take for granted. Lack of access to these basic items makes walking into an interview much more difficult. Working Essentials, a recent addition to Toolworks, gives the San Francisco homeless population the supplies they need to knock that interview out of the park.

Give something you don’t need and help someone get back on their feet.

View a complete description of this program.

View a list of agencies served.

Want to volunteer at a donation site?

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Our supported living clients also appreciate donations. If you have spare household items to donate, please contact

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