Beyond Green

Your new tenant asks you about your local impact. What do you tell them?

With Toolworks as your janitorial firm, you’ll have plenty to say.

Toolworks uses environmentally friendly chemicals that meet Green Seal’s Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners, and employs conservation of resources, actively working to reduce waste. All paper products are made with post-consumer materials and comply with EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines.

Since 2004, Toolworks has practiced green cleaning, helping our customers garner awards and recognition, such as commercial recycler of the year. The use of these practices throughout our organization has allowed us to maintain multiple historic facilities in the Bay Area.  In addition, Toolworks has assisted our customers in achieving LEED certification for their facilities.

The benefits of green cleaning are many: reduced allergies, electricity savings, environmental stewardship, and improved image. But Toolworks doesn’t stop there. Our firm also actively trains and recruits people with disabilities to be part of our workforce. When you contract with Toolworks, you get the benefit of our expertise and experience, while helping support our social service mission. In short, you get your money’s worth.

What people are saying

Thanks for going above and beyond! It is exactly this support from Toolworks that I’ve come to rely upon and that I am so grateful to have! Maureen, Janitorial Customer