Toolworks’ founding director had a vision that instead of relying on charity, a nonprofit organization could be self-sufficient simply by following its mission. This vision created Toolworks as a social enterprise before there was even a term for the concept.

In 1975, our founder Curt Willig saw Pacific Bell linemen throwing their broken tools into the trash. When he asked them why they didn’t repair them, they said they didn’t have time. He proposed that instead of replacing the tools, they could be repaired. Soon afterward he and two people with disabilities began a small contract with Pacific Bell to repair those linemen’s tools, giving us our name.

Toolworks has always been a forerunner. Year after year we push the boundaries to create new opportunities for people with disabilities. We strive to increase the population served for each of our services and the types of services offered for all populations.

Today Toolworks operates a six million dollar janitorial business and serves over 500 people with disabilities a year. We actively seek out new programs wherever there is a need. Expect to see new developments on the horizon.

Guiding Principles


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