Community Living

Supported and Independent Living Services

Are you ready for your own home?

Through supported and independent living, we provide you with individually-tailored support to help you live where you choose. Based on your needs and preferences, a range of supports is put into place that includes direct support from Toolworks staff and coordination of outside supports (such as in-home supportive services). The types of supports that are generally provided include money management, coordination of health care, personal assistance, travel training, and housing referrals.

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Housing Partnerships

Access to affordable and accessible housing is one of the biggest challenges faced by people with disabilities. Toolworks advocates for and partners with local nonprofit housing organizations to ensure that this type of housing is created. Toolworks provides on-site supportive services to people with disabilities, homeless or at-risk individuals, and seniors living in affordable housing provided by our partner nonprofit housing organizations. These services are designed to ensure that individuals are fully included in their resident communities and have access to the resources they need to maintain independent living.

What people are saying

Toolworks helps me with all the pieces to my puzzle. Trying to find work, going to the doctor, dealing with my injury. They give me the variety of support I need in my daily life Ray, Housing Partnerships