Community Integration Behavior Specialist

Berkeley, Full-time

This position has been filled.

  • Reports to: Coordinator
  • Supervises: N/A
  • Status / Level: Non-Exempt
  • Purpose: To support adults with developmental disabilities in community activities.
  • Starts: Immediately


Client Support Functions

  • Facilitate the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the recreation, volunteer, and employments sites of their choosing.
  • Creates and uses natural supports and supports client in a person centered manner.
  • Teaches safety awareness to clients while they access their community.
  • Promotes full engagement of each client in each activity.
  • Provide instruction regarding client rights and self-advocacy
  • Support individuals with Autism, and other developmental disabilities in behavior-management setting
  • Utilize crisis management techniques when applicable
  • Recognize unusual or threatening conditions related to persons with disabilities and resolve issues if necessary

Administrative Functions

  • Monitor client progress in T-logs and behavior tracking notes, if applicable
  • Complete Special Incident Reports as needed
  • Keeps First Aid/CPR current
  • Complete all other required paperwork

Organizational (all staff)

  • Participate in staff meetings, trainings and retreats as required
  • Comply with current agency performance standards
  • Report changes in criminal or employment status on a timely basis
  • Represent the organization to visitors and the community as needed
  • Maintain a professional attitude, working cooperatively with other staff, clients and members of the community
  • Maintain confidentiality of client/staff information as required by law and agency policy
  • Treat clients and co-workers with dignity and respect

Other duties as required